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Inbound Attraction Process.

Inbound Marketing consists of several components e.g. Niche Reseach, Client Personas, Content marketing, SEO, email marketing and more. We will walk you through all the stages of inbound marketing so it will make it more understandable. Below is the simple steps...

1. Planning & Strategy

We work with you to understand your business model and sales process to create a solid foundation so your business can expand. We then create your custom blueprint to accomplish your business and marketing goals.

2. Platform Setup

Once we have completed your blueprint it is time to build your systems. We integrate your website with marketing & sales platform. We make sure your social media platforms are set up correctly so your businesses message is unified across all channels.

3. Getting Your Business Found

A key part of any inbound marketing strategy is buyer persona building. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer. We need to understand who this content is being created for and what questions they have when buying your product or service. By creating content for these personas we attract the right kind of people to your website. This will establish trust and build relationships with your website visitors..

4. Converting Visitors Into Leads

Once your visitors reach your website and have consumed your great content we now need to identify them. We do this by creating premium content that is related to the content they have just consumed, perhaps a whitepaper or eBook. We will utilise landing pages equipped with a short form so that when a visitor submits their information they are given a link to download the premium content. You are trading their contact information for your unique knowledge.

5. Closing Leads

Now that someone has downloaded your premium content they are what we call information qualified. They are not ready to buy as they haven’t shown an interest in your product yet. Email marketing is used to nurture these leads first into marketing qualified leads and then finally sales qualified. Once they reach sales qualified they are now ready to be contacted by sales department. We do this by creating targeted workflows, you may call this lead nurturing process.

Delighting Your Customers

Inbound marketing process does not end when you make a sale. We will ensure your customers to be delighted and become Raving Fans. By using social media and email marketing we can turn your customers into brand advocates. Even when your leads do not become customers they can still be great at getting the word out there about your great service.

7. Analyse

We analyse your marketing campaigns and will work to optimisation, optimising landing pages with A/B Testing to increase the amount of people filling out your forms to personalising the email messages you send. We will calculate ROI and will continually work with you to improve your ROI per marketing Campaigns.

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